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Angry Robot 12 Month Subscription

Angry Robot 12 Month Subscription
Our Price:  £110.00
R.R.P.:  £164.70



Your monthly subscription will be available to download as a Zip file containing both Epub (iOS, Android) and Mobi (Kindle) files.

A 12 Month Subscription to Angry Robot Ebooks

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Get your e-mitts on every new Angry Robot ebook published between now and 12 months from now.

Angry Robot is currently planning to publish 30 new books over the course of the next year. Buy an Angry Robot Subscription and you can download all of them, as they're published, at a hefty discount of around 33% off the total r.r.p.

If you live outside of the European Union, you won't be charged the sales tax (VAT) that we have to charge here, making the cost of your subscription approximately $140 (depending on the exchange rate at time of purchase, currently around £1 = $1.54).

Publication Information - a.k.a. 'What Do I Get For my Money?'

Current Downloads

These are the current (November 2015) ebooks that will be available to download immediately on purchase of your 12 month subscription:

These are the ebooks that you'll be able to download over the course of the next 12 months:

Publication Schedule

Your subscription will also include: +1x May 2016, +3x June 2016, +3x July 2016, +3x August 2016, +3x September 2016 and +3x October 2016 ebooks. Details are currently pending and will be confirmed on the books page of the main Angry Robot website as soon as they're finalised. Angry Robot doesn't publish any new ebooks in December, hence the gap.

N.B. Omnibus editions and re-releases are not included as part of your subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I was an Angry Robot Subscriber before the recent schedule break. What effect will that have on my subscription?"

Your subscription will be extended to cover any missing ebooks, based on the number you were due at the time you bought it, or last re-subscribed. You should have received an email explaining how long the extension will last. If that hasn't arrived, please check your spam folder, just in case, or drop us a line and our admin bot will get back to you with an update.

Q: "But what about the fact that some of the ebooks in the subscription will be Books 2 and 3 in a series?" we hear you ask.

Good question, and we're glad you raised it.

In addition to the books in the subscription, your subscription will include a discount code that will allow you a one-time 33% discount on any Angry Robot ebooks on-sale at the Robot Trading Company. You can use this to purchase earlier books in a series, at a similar discount to your subscription, or any other ebooks that catch your eye. This discount code will only work once, for one basket-load only (so choose wisely), and cannot be used with any other offer.

Q: "What if I choose to cancel?" you ponder.

We rather hope you'll enjoy your Angry Robot subscription and this issue won't come up, but if you do need to cancel for any reason:

Your subscription includes a sizeable discount to thank you for paying up-front for a year’s worth of ebooks. Should you choose to cancel your subscription at any point during the next 12 months, you lose this discount, and your refund will be calculated as follows:

The Subscription Purchase Price You Paid less the number of books released during your subscription period @ £5.49 per ebook.

i.e. You will be charged full price for each ebook you have had the opportunity to download.

Q: "How do I go about accessing my downloaded files?"

A 'how-to' PDF document will be provided with your downloaded eBooks.

N.B. Your monthly subscription will be supplied as a zip file that contains both the DRM-free ePub and Mobi (for Kindle) format ebook files. If your reading device requires a different ebook format, the files will need to be converted, which you can do with a free-to-download utility such as Calibre.

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