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Dead Streets - Tim Waggoner

Dead Streets - Tim Waggoner
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Series Info:
The second book in the Nekropolis series.

This ebook is sold as a Zip file containing both Epub (iOS, Android) and Mobi (Kindle) files.

Meet Matt Richter. Private eye. Zombie.

PI Matt Richter's going to pieces - literally. You've got to keep your head to survive in the teeming undead city known as Nekropolis. It's a pity crazed genius Victor Baron couldn't manage that. Now everyone wants a piece of him.

The sequel to Nekropolis.

More Information:

Praise and Reviews:

"This is a fun book, it's enjoyable for the very idea of the city, further explored here to great effect."
- Stanleyriiks' blog

"As a reading experience, Dead Streets is like driving a hilly road through the country while someone gives you a Wet Willy in your ear. The ups and downs give your stomach that fluttering feeling of excitement. And despite how his spit and polished gruesome descriptions poked at your brains, you canít stop giggling.">br>- Spine Busters

"Waggoner has really constructed a memorably freakish world in Nekropolis, where shapeshifters, vampires, zombies, ghosts and monsters of all sorts coexist in a Darwinist state of constant chaos. Magic mixes with science, giving rise to mass-produced Frankenstein monsters, cyber-augmented vampires, werecreatures sporting the genespliced attributes of multiple species, haunted cars that run on pure hate, and Baronís line of fleshtech conveniences. It's weird, a little disturbing, and works all too well for the setting."- Green Man Review

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