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Harbinger of the Storm - Aliette de Bodard

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Series Info:
The second book in the Obsidian and Blood series.

This ebook is sold as a Zip file containing both Epub (iOS, Android) and Mobi (Kindle) files.

The year is Two House and the Mexica Empire teeters on the brink of destruction, lying vulnerable to the flesh-eating star-demons - and to the return of their creator, a malevolent goddess only held in check by the Protector God's power.

The council is convening to choose a new Emperor, but when a councilman is found dead, only Acatl, High Priest of the Dead, can solve the mystery.

When he hears rumours of a sinister cabal of sorcerors he must face up to demons, not all of them his own.

File Under: Fantasy [ Aztec Gods | Star Demons | Secret Sorcery | Blood Rituals ]

More Information:

Praise and Reviews for Aliette de Bodard and Obsidian and Blood, Book I:

"Part murder mystery, part well-researched historical novel and part fantasy ... The fantasy element blends neatly with the other parts. 4****"
- SFX Magazine

"This book is beautifully written and a pleasure to lose oneself in... Please see for yourself and pick up a copy!"
- Candyman

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