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Monsters Anonymous - Theresa Derwin

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Have you looked in the closet lately? Well beware, because some things are not meant to come out...

Monsters Anonymous, a support group that lets the monsters out from behind the closet door. A place where creatures from nightmare meet up, share their experiences, and talk about their addictions... Because addiction is what monsters suffer; whether it's the vampire addicted to blood, the cannibal or were addicted to meat, or the mummy addicted to life essence - these monsters are misunderstood, and want to share their stories.

From the streets of Victorian London, the jungles of deepest Mexico, the ancient city of Thebes or the sex-shop backstreets of Birmingham, monsters get into all sorts of places... and all sorts of devices. Wild chases, raw meat, unorthodox sex toys and the Holy Grail, Monsters Anonymous will make you laugh, weep, and maybe even scream.

"With a heady mix of humour and gore, Derwin gives us a clever and unique take on the horror genre. Witty, bloody and pulling no punches, Monsters Anonymous is a cracking collection."
- Dave Jeffery (Necropolis Rising, Beatrice Beecham Series)

"This is a fun and yet disturbing read that really does manage to freak you out in unusual ways. It is well worth a read."
- Tony Lane, Tony's Thoughts

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