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Muezzinland - Stephen Palmer

Muezzinland - Stephen Palmer
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Two sisters on the run, both pursued by their mother. But when this mother is the Empress of Ghana and one of the most powerful people in the world, it is no ordinary chase. And life has changed in the mid twenty second century. The aether is a telepathic cyberspace. Biochips augment human brains. AIs, concepts, even symbols can be dangerous. Mnada is heir to the Ghanaian throne, yet something has been done to her brain that has made her insane, something to send her fleeing north across jungle and desert towards the mysterious place called Muezzinland. Nshalla is relegated to the status of puppet, ignored, yet also part of her motherís plan; she follows her sisterís flight, determined to discover the truth behind Muezzinland. And the Empress herself, possessing the most modern technology with which to recapture her daughters – androids, morphic tools, orbital stations, all powered by a ruthless will. But not even she can predict what might happen should the family be reunited, least of all if it is inside Muezzinland... Set in a vivid and fascinating future, Muezzinland is a novel by the author of Memory Seed and Glass.

"...a tour de force in imagining possibilities that lie beyond our information age... If you enjoy the full immersion experience of neo-magic, you'll [like] Muezzinland." – Gwyneth Jones, New York Review Of SF, on Stephen Palmer's Muezzinland

"...succeeds when many other similar attempts to fuse the mythic and the modern fail... in Muezzinland, the hybrid thrives, creating a compelling and cohesive vision... Itís an unusual and successful combination." – Matrix

"While the plot can be read as a relatively straightforward thriller, the book as a whole is considerably more than this. It succeeds in integrating the elements of myth and high technology, producing something of a hybrid that feels right." – Vector

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