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Slights - Kaaron Warren

Slights - Kaaron Warren
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This ebook is sold as a Zip file containing both Epub (iOS, Android) and Mobi (Kindle) files.

Winner of the Ditmar Award for Best Novel, 2010
Winner of the Shadows Award for Best Fiction, 2009

Stevie is a killer.

After an accident in which her mother dies, she has a near-death experience, and finds herself in a room full of people - everyone she's ever pissed off. They clutch at her, scratch and tear at her. But she finds herself drawn back to this place, again and again, determined to unlock its secrets. Which means she has to die, again and again.

And she starts to wonder whether other people see the same room... when they die.

Slights is a deeply intense, disturbing read. Death is not the end, but this is not comforting, heartwarming or safe. The misery memoir craze of the last few years has overshadowed horror fiction's impact with (allegedly) real-life experiences. Now it's time for horror and fantasy fiction to fight back.

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Praise and Reviews:

"I've never seen anyone capture sordid human nature so clearly. I was completely drawn in, totally immersed. I felt ill much of the time."
- Russell Kirkpatrick

"The best horror of 2009"
- Genreville

"Slights is a rusted blade of a book, cutting away at the reader's comfortable expectations until only bitter bones are left; a delightful middle class suburban fright."
- Jay Lake

"Slights is a forceful, harrowing read, and is not only the best horror novel but one of the best books I have read in 2009. Be warned, this is a dark read and certainly isn't for everyone... but I loved it. Absolutely recommended, for those with a strong constitution. Rating: 9 - Damn Near Perfection"
- The Book Smugglers

"You will feel physically contaminated, you will feel ill, you will never get Stevie out of your mind. Pure, unadulterated horror. Not speculative fiction, not fantasy - pure, sick horror. "
- Aurealis Xpress

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