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The World House - Restoration - Guy Adams

The World House - Restoration - Guy Adams
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Series Info:
The second book in the World House duology.

This ebook is sold as a Zip file containing both Epub (iOS, Android) and Mobi (Kindle) files.

None who enter the World House leave it unchanged.

They sought the box for many years, because held inside that arcane magical artefact was, miraculously, a house. But now its real purpose has become clear - it was a prison, and the infinitely evil being it was built to imprison has been let loose. Now the real quest begins in earnest.

This direct sequel to the critically acclaimed The World House is an extraordinary modern fantasy, like an episode of Doctor Who imagined by the twisted mind of Clive Barker.

File Under: Fantasy [ Worlds within Worlds | Prison Break | Exploring the Unknown | Dark Powers ]

Praise and Reviews:

"...a story of adventure, mystery and humour all creatively blended to make something new... thoroughly enjoyable"
- Falcata Times

"The humour, the fear, suspense and love; it is all in here and as superb, if not better than the first book, Restoration is simply a magnificent, must have read."
- Terror-Tree

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