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Your eReader

Your eReader

We're unable to provide individual technical support, but here are some general instructions for adding your new Angry Robot eBooks to some of the more popular eBook readers. If in doubt, consult your eReader manual before purchasing. All our eBooks are provided in ePub format.

iPad / iPod Touch / iPhone

Using iTunes on your PC or Mac, simple choose File>Add to Library, or drag the ePub file to the Books library on iTunes. To read them, sync them to your device.

Sony Readers

1) Ensure you have the Sony Reader Library software installed.

2) Connect your reader to your PC or Mac via USB.

3) Drag and drop your newly-purchased eBook onto the Reader in the menu bar on the left side of the Sony Reader Library.

4) Before unplugging your reader, click the "Eject" symbol just to the right of the word "Reader" in the menu bar, or you may inadvertently delete the eBook.


When your Nook is connected to your computer by USB cable, simply drag and drop your eBook into the "My Documents" folder in your Nook's internal memory, or in any top-level folders that you create in the internal memory, or on a supplemental microSD card. You can also choose to organize the files using subfolders.


All Angry Robot ebooks are supplied in a zip file containing both epub and mobi file formats. Other publishers' ebooks are epub only. To read these ebooks purchased from The Robot Trading Company on your Kindle, you'll need to convert them from ePub to Mobi format.

We recommend the easy-to-use ebook management tool Calibre (free to download from

Here's how:

1) Download your ebook purchases from the Robot Trading Company.

2) Open Calibre and Add the downloaded ebooks to your Calibre library

3) Connect your Kindle to your computer - Calibre should recognise the Kindle and provide a list of contents.

4) Select your newly-purchased ebooks in the main Calibre library list and click 'Send to Device'

5) Calibre will then offer to auto-convert the ebooks to Mobi format for you as part of the upload process.

And you're good to go!

The one thing you need to be aware of is that you won't be able to use Amazon's Whispersync facility if you upload Mobi files to your Kindle rather than purchasing them through Amazon.